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I offer three catering packages tailored to your per person budget, each including a choice of protein, starch, and vegetable. Prices vary by your protein choice and preparation. I'll collaborate with you to craft a menu that delights both you and your guests, ensuring your complete satisfaction.
I am pleased to offer the following for your upcoming event.
included with all events
my travel time
use of personal equipment
setup of all equipment
food delivery
breakdown of equipment
post-event cleanup
available for additional fee
disposable cutlery
table linen
tables or chairs

Tier 1

includes your choice of:
  • One protein
  • One starch
  • One vegetable
Available protein selections:

Pricing: under $50 per person

Tier 2

includes your choice of:
  • Two proteins
  • Two starches
  • Two vegetables
Pricing: $50 - $100 per person
Available protein selections:

Tier 3

includes your choice of:
  • three proteins
  • three starches
  • Two vegetables
Available protein selections:

Pricing: $100 or more per person

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