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Transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. I am committed to making your event one of success and unforgettable memories.
Chef Mark B.

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Chef Mark B.

From a young age, my fondest memories are rooted in the bustling kitchen of my childhood home in Detroit, surrounded by my grandmother, mother, and a lively ensemble of aunts.

This heartwarming arena of love, laughter, and culinary artistry ignited my passion for cooking. I observed them and was enchanted, as they created magic with ingredients, transforming every meal into a source of joy and togetherness.

It was then that I realized food was more than sustenance; it was a medium to touch hearts and spread happiness, a philosophy I wanted to embody in my professional journey.

The Chef Mark B. Difference

Exquisitely Prepared Food. Unmatched Customer Service.

My client's unwavering loyalty and anticipation for my food at their events are testaments to the quality and love infused in every dish I prepare. To them, I am more than just a chef; I am a cherished member of their extended family.

Fun fact: My first large scale catering job was for former Detroit Mayor, the late Coleman A. Young! I was personally picked by the Mayor for this event because of my time spent working with Executive Chef Patterson at Breithaupt Vocational Center in Detroit. It was then that I knew I had big plans for this cooking game!
Koream BBQ wings with sesame seeds
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Happy clients and guests
Chef Mark B. preparing food
"Mark is a pleasure to work with! He is creative and thoughtful to his customers, and the food is delicious. Mark is a master at bringing people together with food!"
Jamie Sattler
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After you've finalized your menu choices, Chef Mark will coordinate with you to arrange the deposit and start preparing for your event. You'll also go over details like the event's location, setup, contacts, and more together.
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Now it's time to sit back, enjoy your event, and watch Chef Mark B dazzle your guests with an unforgettable culinary experience.

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